It’s Starts Now

There are approximately 30-60 minutes in our day of a workout/activity, on average. We hope!

After that, the real work begins if you are looking at being healthy and fit and generally well in comparison to yourself from 1 – 5 years ago. It’s life!

The Real Work

The real work includes the other 23 hours away from the gym or your activity. Refraining from going for a run, then eating a cake. Doing a workout then smashing the bread. Going for a hike then drinking like a pirate.

The real work is what you eat, what you drink and when you decide to sleep (for the most part), the people you hang out with, the energy you allow into your downtime, the things you choose to focus on and how you respond (as well as many other things).

It’s Pretty Easy

My point is, that one hour of working out is actually the easy part! The other 23 hours are full of real challenges.

The shift from thinking your 30-60 minutes of activity as the hardest or most challenging part of your day to being the easiest part of your day. Say it over and over and over and see how light the time spent being active becomes.

Let’s not let ourselves get stressed out about being active. Let’s re-position the approach. We need to do it, our bodies need it, our minds need it, but we don’t need to thinking and speak as if it’s the hardest part of the day. It simply is not.

Other things are much tougher and you do them every day!

We’re Here To Help!

Working out is the easy part. The other 23 hours are at times tough. We can help you map things out for your 24 hours, your 7 days, your month. It’s literally what we do for a living. We create “A-HA!” moments. We shed light on your life. We work with you to make things less heavy. We love to work with clients and teams who are interested in a better life for themselves.

Let’s get started, contact us today!

Dan Rogers

Co-Founder / Head Coach of rxRecourse

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