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We started rxRecourse to provide prescribed assistance for health and fitness so that you are able to live a healthy life full of personal fitness accomplishments and self improvement in the name of being a better version of yourself at work, home and with friends.

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Where It All Started

COVID-19 & Uncertain Times

During uncertain times, the crisis of COVID-19 and high stress we thought, how can we help companies and individuals navigate with clear minds, positive actions and better habits? We want to help positively influence the stressful and hectic lives of our Corporate friends and followers. We know life can build up and become heavy and overwhelming but rxRecourse is here to help shine light, educate and lift you up to a better mental and physical state with each interaction. We decided to take our over 10 yrs experience from our brick and mortar location and start up a virtual focused business and here we are.

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Your Team Will Feel & Perform Better

We will help contribute towards improvements in the 4 pillars of health [Movement, Mental Health, Nutrition, Recovery]. Through personalized sessions led by your Coach your teams will be guided on a structured, considerate and educational session that is fun, positive and thoughtful.

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“During COVID-19 and as a result of many employees working from home, we have engaged rxRecourse to host a weekly team building stretch session. The sessions are catered to all abilities and have been a big hit with our group!”

“How you respond to the challenge in the second half will determine what you become after the game, whether you are a winner or a loser.”

Jon Fowkes

Our Team

Tarah Rogers

CEO, Founder

Tarah comes from the corporate world where she has a great interest in getting corporate teams to work together, build their relationships and become a happier and healthier team together.

Dan Rogers


Dan is passionate about helping people who want to be helped by coaching them through their own fitness and health journey. Working with a person to work towards their goal is a major reason why he is a coach.

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“I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

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Our Programs


Healthy Teams

rxCulture is here to help you shape and create a health-conscious corporate culture to ensure your team is running at its most optimal.

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Corporate Lunch ‘n Learn

Eating Right

rxRecourse offers Virtual Lunch ‘n Learn sessions covering a wide variety of topics that helps to get your team engaged and educated on nutrition, activity and mindset.

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Active Stretch

Stretch To Improve

This will be a coach led stretch sequence to help combat time spent at the desk. The stretch position will be held for 20 – 120 seconds with participants being actively moving in and out of the stretch to improve their range of motion.

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Deep Stretch Yoga

Get More Flexible

This will have participants holding stretches for a longer duration to allow for a more low key, relaxed vibe to the stretch sequence.

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Body Weighted Exercise

No Weights Needed

These exercises use your own body as the resistance. Our coaches have creative and fun ways to get you a great workout by using body weight only.

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Weighted Exercise

Increase The Intensity

These exercises use external weight that is available to the participant as resistance for the workout. These workouts provide the opportunity for building muscle, more challenging movement and improving imbalances. Odd objects around the house are at times very useful for these exercises.

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Get Some Clarity

Setting up a schedule and structure to walking provide clarity on the task and ultimately presents an opportunity to feel good about accomplishing that task. We can help you get started with a walking program today!

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Increase Your Heart Rate

Whether you are an avid runner or just getting started, we can help provide a schedule and structure to you running so that you are safe, progressing and having fun. Additional ‘before run” and ‘after run’ considerations are provided here to ensure you are injury free while enjoying your runs.

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Sport Specific

Hone Your Skills

Our workouts will help prepare teams/athletes to become better at their chosen sport while being less prone to injury, more prone to higher performance for their upcoming season or during their season.

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For Individuals

Keeping You Accountable

We provide custom programming to match your individual goals based on your current fitness level, access to equipment (no equipment necessary) and schedule demands.

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