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Perfect For Corporate & Sports Teams

All of our programs are LIVE and coached by a professional coach not just instructional, white-labelled and tailored based on their needs and interests.


Pulse Check is the first step!

Pulse Check

We start with a 1-hour FREE online session that allows our team to get a snapshot of your team. It’s an opportunity to help us understand your goals, your team challenges, and the results you’d like to experience.

Let’s get a pulse check on your team, get clear on where you’d like to go, and set up a plan to get the results you need.


Wellness Plan with your choice of 3-core Health Workshops

Health Workshops

A series of three, 45-minute fun and interactive online workshops.

When building a corporate wellness program – the biggest pitfall is not communicating clearly your desire to help your team succeed in work and life. giving your team the permission, time and direction to improve their health will offer the greatest return on investment.

Our workshops help achieve this by:

  • Introducing your team to the basics of effective Activity, Mindset, and Nutrition programs.
  • Creating a common starting point of knowledge for the foundation of their health.
  • Developing a level of comfort with our coaches when it comes to talking about their goals.

Health Workshops your team can choose from

Pick one from each heading to build your custom series of three


  • Let’s move heavy sh*&! Strength training is a body and mind game changer.
  • Let’s pump it up! Training your heart is one of the fastest ways to improve mood.
  • Since when did tying my shoes become so hard? Flexibility when you’re older than nine.


  • My mind is racing – make it stop! 5-minute meditation that will change your day.
  • Mindset is a habit not a magic trick. Calming your mind, calming your life.
  • Setting goals that work for you. The 3-rules of success.


  • Stretchy pants – my covid outfit of choice. 30-Days to No More Muffin-Top!
  • I just turned 40 – what the happened to my body? Controlling weight gain over 40.
  • Paleo or Intermittent Fasting? Low Carbs or Low Calories? What really works?


After Completing 3-Core Health Workshops

Custom Programs

Once your team has completed the 3-core Health Workshops, rxRecourse will work with you to customize the programs that are going to best suit your team and their needs.

rxRecourse is here to help you shape and create a health-conscious corporate culture to ensure your team is running at its most optimal.

We offer custom programming to match your personal and team goals based on your current fitness level, access to equipment and scheduling demands. 

Stop Putting Your Health At The Bottom Of Your To-Do List

rxRecourse will be the best meeting request you’ll get!