Tip 1

Untie your shoes the day before #BeReady.

Tip 2

Lay out the clothes you want to wear for fitness / activity the day before. #BeReallyReady.

Tip 3

Schedule it into your calendar the same way you do for all other appointments/meetings.

Tip 4

Start with music; simply play music you like to work out to moments before you are going to work out but maybe are not feeling 100% motivated. Start with music.

Tip 5

Have an accountability buddy: someone you work out with, who you tell that you got the workout done, who pushes you do be active

Tip 6

Hang out with other active human beings more often if you want to be active often.

Tip 7

Relay on structure, not motivation. Accept that you will not always want to workout, so rely on it being just part of your way in your schedule with no expectations on how the workout was… Just check the box -> I did something today.

Tip 8

Activity is subject to change with the season or your interests and that is okay! You do not have to do a certain type of exercise every week for 10 years. We are allowed to evolve.

Tip 9

Try new stuff! Kettlebells, Bands only, Stretch? Personal Trainer and more.

Tip 10

Try group classes – The group will help keep you accountable. : )


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