What will you do today, and the next day, and every other day, that is good for your Health and Wellness when NO ONE IS LOOKING?

Will you throw away that persona from work, from time with others, who you are on social media, in group settings and other spaces to be a different, unhinged and unhealthy version of yourself because there is no one else around or will you be a better version of yourself when no one is around?

  • No one is looking, I am eating two donuts.
  • No one is looking, I am not working out today.
  • No one is looking, I am eating bread/pasta for a third day in a row (and my digestion is not happy)
  • No one is looking, I don’t need to stretch today.
  • No one is looking, I am going to scroll social media for over an hour, say I don’t have time…

Or, asking for better from yourself in Nutrition, Activity and Mindset.

When we are talking about practicing Health and Wellness we are truly talking about it becoming WHO we are, not what we sometimes do. WHO we are is how we behave when no one is looking. When no one knows the decision you make…

Let’s attempt to make healthier choices, decisions, think thoughts of yourself that are for you to be healthier or more well. Do that activity, be the more active version, clean that area of your home, call or connect with that person, put your phones away ! be very selfish and take your time for yourself so that you regenerate, recoup and really be WHO you want to be.

So, what are YOU doing when no one is looking?

Dan Rogers

Co-Founder / Head Coach of rxRecourse

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