No Real Cookies Invovled. Sorry

So, you’re stressed! You are unsure of yourself. You have a situation at work, at home, or somewhere else and you think, my gosh “what am I going to do?”.

Think of this. The Cookie Jar Method. Your Cookie Jar is a collection of previously successful outcomes that you directly had an influence on. In short, you’ve done this successfully before!

At Work?

  • You’ve met deadlines before.
  • You’ve balanced it all before.
  • You’ve shown up, contributed, and had successful outcomes before.
  • You got this.

At Home?

  • You’ve made dinner before.
  • You have gotten things done before. (getting the kids to extracurriculars, support spouse, clean house, etc.)

All other things??

Pull from the Cookie Jar which means pulling from a collection of previously successful experiences in similar situations.

Building confidence can come from you reminding YOURSELF that you have successfully done this before when confronted with a similarly stressful situation.

Dan Rogers

Co-Founder / Head Coach of rxRecourse

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