Taken from “The Four Agreements” – By Don Miguel Ruiz.

We are bombarded with the concept that someone, in every industry, is the best at that one given thing. This mythological (and illogical) search for being the one very best person at one thing or saying we’re the best or subscribing to be the best….. IT’S WRONG and unhealthy. We all know it’s Chuck Norris, end of discussion… (I am not serious)

Here is why striving for “the best” is perhaps not best…

Your best changes every single day.

  • Sleep, the previous day, the task, stress/challenges, compounding circumstances, nutrition, exercise and more… ALL factors for why you would or would not be able to duplicate your efforts from the previous similar situation.
  • Instead of expecting a linear trajectory of best, best, best every day with the same stuff… Know that your best (effort, attention, execution, ideas and more) is subject to be a different version of itself on a daily basis. Whatever your best is that day, is just that, then done. Leave it be. Let it rest. Move on. Refrain from holding onto negative emotions attached to why if was not as good as other days or as someone else or whatever other negative self talk you may talk
    • Your best is subject to change every single day. Do your best for the day. Assess areas to improve. Then move on and do your best the next day.

What if you strived to be “better” every single day; for the rest of your life….?

  • Can you simply just ask yourself to try and be a little better every day?
    • In how you think, eat, move, interact, respond, plan, organize.
  • If you ask of yourself to be a relentlessly better version of yourself in how you carry yourself every day; would it be reasonable to assume you would be a better version of yourself in one week, a month, a year?
  • Instead of trying to be the best… try to be better. Ask yourself if you can be better. The answer is always YES.
  • I can be better with my choices with nutrition, my choices to be or not be on devices, my choices with being active, my choices with how I treat others, my outlook on life and much more. I can choose to strive to be better.
  • The relentless pursuit of being better will have you accomplish things you perhaps never thought possible. Give it a try.

I am the best! -> Replaced with
I did my best today.
Can I be better?

Dan Rogers

Co-Founder / Head Coach of rxRecourse

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